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Northern Seoul Dream Forest

Northern Seoul Dream forest, Seoul’s fourth largest park, was renovated and reopened in October, 2009.  There is a wide variety of terrain here, including natural relatively untouched forested areas, grassy expanses, waterfalls, eco-park, an animal habitat, and a recently planted bamboo forest.  It’s less crowded than Seoul’s other parks — perhaps, because it’s quite a way off the beaten path — making the overall experience more relaxing.

Getting there: Take Line 4 to the Mia Samgeori station and head out through Exit 1.  Look for a bus stop nearby and jump on Bus 9 or 11.  These buses will drop you of across the street from the main gate.

Seoul Forest

This expansive park is a 15-minute walk from the Ttukseom Station (Line 2).  Just keep following the signs and you’ll get there.

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