How would you like to see your photographic stylings bring a new grace to the as-yet humble pages of Pictures of Korea? How would you like free publicity to the tune of thousands of visitors? If you find yourself even mildly tantalized by the aforementioned prospects, our Guest-Photographer Program might be just the thing for you.

Your pictures will only be displayed here: you maintain all copyrights. And if anyone is interested in purchasing your work, I will put them in touch with you directly to negotiate a price.

A few thoughts: I’m not interested in cliche, postcard-type images. The over-saturation of such scenes has rendered them impotent and our eyes recognize them merely as images that approximate a pre-existing gestalt in our minds, not as new perspectives that warrant a closer examination.

Please, no macro shots of flower petals. Yes, I know flowers are beeeautiful! But the ten million close-ups of “blossoms dancing the sun” that I’ve already seen (not to mention the hundreds I’ve taken myself ) have left me sated, indeed.

Blurry doesn’t bother me. You may have noticed that a few of my shots are a little, how shall we say, “overly soft” (see: “Hard-working Couple” from Assortment 2 and “Cigarettes in Unison” from 홍수난 귀성길). But they captured a moment that I wanted to share, despite the fact that I didn’t quite get the job done. If I were promoting myself as a photographer I probably would have left these shots on the cutting-room floor. But this site is about Korea; and the moment — if not the image — is perfectly clear.

It’s about capturing an image or angle that is, above all, compelling and Korean.

Please submit 1, 4, 8 or 12 shots in JPEG format with a file size of 200-500 KB. If I choose to display your work, it will be listed under a new menu tab titled, “Guest Photographers.” You may write a short passage introducing the images and any special techniques you employed.

Contact me through the form below if you are interested.  Your communication will not be public.

Good Luck!