The Korean Folk Village in Yongin opened in 1974 as a kind of one-stop sightseeing destination for tourists.  I call it that because it is an amalgamation of paragons of Korea’s various Hanok styles that the Korean government uprooted from their original locations and placed here.  In that way, it is not a real town but a theme park; no one  lives there.  Having said that, it is a very enjoyable theme park that provides a charming three-dimensional representation of life in the Korea of old.  Make sure you don’t drift into the amusement park next door, though.  I did on my first trip to the village and it’s campy European castle theme popped the old-time Korea bubble and reminded me that the whole set-up in both parks was just an illusion.  The juxtaposition of the two can be very jarring.

Getting there: Take bus 5000-1 or 1560 from Gangnam or Yangjae stations.  Admission is 12,000 won for adults.