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Article About Me!

There’s an article about me up on  I talked a lot about how I got started and what methods I used to learn Korean. Take a look if you’re interested.

Clicking on the picture below will take you to the article.



Assortment 2

Assortment 1

K-Town in the OC!

It’s Korea — OC-style, baby!

Were you dreading returning to the States when you thought you’d have to live without Tous Les Jours?  Not to worry.  Now you can enjoy slightly sweet sandwiches made with processed cheese, white bread and iceberg lettuce, back home!

Farms & Fields

Doggies 수도권을 지키는 개

Old Fortress Wall

I found this section of the old Seoul fortress wall atop a hill to the east of Hyehwa (Dahangno).  If you head up from the subway station, there are many paths that lead to the charming park on the summit.

For great shots of the wall on another photo-blog, click here


Seoul’s world-class architecture!  Just shots of Seoul apartment living.

Street Pictures

Just a collection of various shots I’ve taken over the years.  If you have questions about a location, just email me.

Rice Fields (near Suwon)

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