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Haslla Art World

If you’re planning a trip to South Korea’s East Coast and you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, Haslla Art World might be just the place. Its quirky and kitschy land of sculpture and installation art is truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. But even if that isn’t enough to float your boat, the jaw-dropping views of the coast surely will.


Haengjusanseong 행주산성

On my many trips to the airport, as I passed over one of the westernmost bridges on the Han River, I have often looked back north to notice a hill by the river with a pagoda on top.  On my many trips to Ilsan I had also noticed signs for the Haengju Mountain Fortress.  I only just realized recently that these two were the same place.

Just beyond the main gate is statue of General Kwon Yul, who led his force of 3,000 against some 30,000 Japanese troops.  His remarkable victory is depicted in relief in four panels behind his gold-toned statue.

If you are looking for a quiet afternoon walk, with a commanding view of Seoul and the Han River, Haengjusanseong might be the answer.


Jeonju Hanok Village (전주한옥마을)



Hongdae at Night

Korean guy sings Jason Mraz at the park in Hongdae.

A group of “zombies” sing a recent Korean hit.

Autumnal Jongmyo

Just a dose of color to remind you that the world wasn’t always as desolate as it appears now.

These shots are from a few months back, when I stopped by Jongmyo to catch the scrubbing and polishing of the ritual dishes.  I also bumped into a flying squirrel and caught a last glimpse of fall colors.  The course that I had previously mentioned on this site — heading across the pedestrian bridge to Changgyeong Palace — has now been shut down.  I guess the days of the old two-fer are gone for good.

Namsan Hanok Village

This site consists of five traditional houses that were transplanted here after being chosen for their ability to represent the array of architectural styles of late Joseon.

Visitors can also take part in a variety of events and workshops showcasing the nation’s culture on important days of the Korean calendar.

Getting there: Take Line 3 or Line 4 to Chungmuru Station.  Head out of Exit 4 and walk up the hill towards the Chungang University Hospital — it’s behind that.

Kookmin University

Check out the ghost of Kookmin in picture No. 7 and the encouraging messages written on the school’s elevator floors in picture 9.

Mihwangsa 미황사 (Video)

Click this link to see a video I shot at Mihwangsa: a temple at the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula.  Make sure you keep watching till the part when a monk strikes the temple bell signaling the evening prayer.


Konkuk University Nightlife

I recommend pictures number 5 (those guys look happy) and 8 (living in a Korean drama).

It has its own subway station on Line 2.  You can find it.

Rainy Insadong

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