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Gyeongju Trip Part I

Gyeongju Trip Part II

Busan Trip

My Nikon is still busted, so these are all iPhone pics.  Still worth seeing though.


Chois’ Tacos

I remember the first time I stumbled across Mr. Choi’s taco shop.  It was way back in 2005.  When I saw the sign “초이스 타코스,” I misread the transliteration as “Choice Tacos.”  At any rate, it sounded interesting, so I ventured in.  Because of the countless disappointments that had previously befell me trying to find edible Mexican in Seoul (e.g., tacos filled with pineapple, tortillas made from crepe batter, honeyed bulgogi tacos etc.), I admittedly had my sights set low.  But I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and price of the selection here.  Whenever I’m in the area — and sometimes even when I’m all the way across town — I swing over to Chois’ to satisfy that hankering (that anyone from the western US likely gets about once a week) for some Mexican food.

Recommended menu items: I’m a big fan of the chicken burritos.  But I recently tried the steak quesadilla — just to, you know, mix it up a little after a five-year spell of order invariability — and it was awesome.

The Burrito Speed Eating Contest is currently underway.  Any amateur Joey Chestnuts or Kobayashis should give it a shot.  Grand-Prize winner gets a coupon for 50 free burritos!

Getting there: From Shinchon Station, head towards Yonsei University.  When you get to the first major intersection (you’ll see U-plex and its big pipe thing on the left), take a right on the road that meanders off in a diagonal.  Continue about 50 meters and you’ll see it on your right.

More Gyeonghuigung Shots (경희궁)

Some more shots of Gyeonghui Palace.

Garak Market 가락시장

I highly recommend you take a trip to this traditional market located in southeastern Seoul.  It’s a great place for fresh-from-the-farm produce and still-wriggling seafood. (Check out the shark and ray in row five.)

The third photo shows the government’s plan to transform Garak into an “environmentally friendly, cutting-edge market.”  The city’s “improvement” projects often entail scrubbing away the character of a place and leaving behind a sterilized vapid space.  I hope this is not the fate of Garak Market.  But just in case, you’d better get over there soon to check it out.

Getting there: Take Line 3 or Line 8 to Garak Market Station.

Gwanghwamun (new and improved)

Gwanghwamun Square

Deoksu Palace

Deoksu Palace is open later than any other palace, making evening visits possible.  The Western architecture intermingled throughout this palace was at first a major turn-off for me: It’s already next to impossible to find Korean-style buildings in Korea, and seeing them within the palace walls was the final straw.  Recently, however, I have warmed up to the palace.  Seeing it again after six years, I found a new charm in it.

Getting there: Deoksu Palace is located across from Seoul Square, right next to City Hall Station (Line 1 and 2).  Admission is W1,000 for adults; W500 for children.


Wanna know if you’ve been in Korea too long?  Do you remember when there was an elevated road here?  If yes, then yes.

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