In days long past, I was concurrently enrolled in three Korean classes of varying levels at the YBM main branch across the street from Jongmyo, so surprisingly I share a long history with this park — best known for being the hoppingest haunt for elderly Korean men this side of the Han.  After finishing class, I came over here almost every day to pour over my books in the shade of one of the many towering trees.  Unfortunately, back in those days, the park was also ground zero for anti-American demonstrations so I often found myself turned away by cops in riot gear and protesters with pickets that read “Go home yankee!”  Anyhow, a trip here will leave you feeling as if you just opened a window and peered into the Korea of yore.

Getting there: Take Line 3, 5, or 1 to Jongnosamga Station.  You’re there!

This park is temporarily closed for renovation.

Here’s a video of the Birdman doing his thing: The Birdman of Jongmyo