Ever wondered why Jongno is called Jongno?  No, you say? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. “Jong” means bell and “ro” or “no” means street, so “Jongno” literally means “Bell Street.”  But why is it called that?  Because the street is home to the Boshingak bell pavilion, originally built under King Taejo in 1396.  The bell housed in this wooden structure used to be rung many times a day — opening of the city gates, emergencies, closing of the city gates — but is now only heard on New Year’s Eve when it is struck 33 times.  The last three pictures show an anti-US demonstration taking place at the site.

Reaching Boshingak is simple: just take Line 1 and alight at Jongak Station.  After the trip, you can also stop by one of Seoul’s best bakeries, Au Bon Pain, or grab a burrito at Tomatillo, which are both located just west of the station.

Great 360 view of the site here

Wikipedia entry on the site here